Lake Murray is a reservoir in San Diego, California, operated by the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department. It is located within Mission Trails Regional Park which is in the 7th City Council District and is represented by Councilman Scott Sherman. When full, the reservoir covers 171.1 acres (69.2 ha), has a maximum water depth of 95 feet (29 m), and a shoreline of 3.2 miles (5.1 km). The asphalt-paved service road lining roughly two-thirds of the lake’s perimeter is a popular recreation site for the Navajo community. It lies south of Cowles Mountain and is an important reporting point for aircraft inbound to land at Montgomery Field airport (identifier: KMYF).

Lake Murray is a popular site for hikers, cyclists and runners who move around the periphery of the lake. Kayaking and catch-and-release fishing are both allowed on the reservoir. Birdwatchers enjoy visiting Lake Murray where ducks, geese and herons abound. At least 149 bird species have been observed and recorded here.

Lake Murray is open for shore fishing and private boats, kayaks and float tubes seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. On days or times that the concession is closed patrons can purchase permits from the iron ranger boxes (envelope system) at the lake. The reservoir is stocked with Florida-strain largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, black crappie and trout. Minimum size limit for bass is 12 inches. Fish limits are five trout, five bass, five catfish and 25 crappie and bluegill in aggregate, with no limit on other species. Anglers 16 years of age or older must have a California state fishing license. Fish catch information is weekly.